Elasticsearch plugin for Sentiment Analysis

I have created an Elasticsearch plugin for sentiment-analysis using Stanford CoreNLP libraries. The plugin is compatible with Elasticsearch 6.4.1.

Follow the below steps to use this plugin with your elasticsearch server:

1. Install the plugin


bin\elasticsearch-plugin install https://github.com/TechnocratSid/elastic-sentiment-analysis-plugin/releases/download/6.4.1/elastic-sentiment-analyis-plugin-6.4.1.zip


sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install https://github.com/TechnocratSid/elastic-sentiment-analysis-plugin/releases/download/6.4.1/elastic-sentiment-analyis-plugin-6.4.1.zip

2. Starting Elasticsearch

How you start Elasticsearch depends on how you installed it. I’ve installed Elasticsearch on Windows with a .zip package, in my case I can start Elasticsearch from the command line using the following command:


Note: To setup Elasticsearch follow the link Set up Elasticsearch.

3. Open Kibana

Perform the request mentioned below:


POST _sentiment
"text" : "He is very happy"


"sentiment_score": 3,
"sentiment_type": "Positive",
"very_positive": "38.0%",
"positive": "59.0%",
"neutral": "2.0%",
"negative": "0.0%",
"very_negative": "0.0%"


POST _sentiment
"text" : "He is bad"


"sentiment_score": 1,
"sentiment_type": "Negative",
"very_positive": "1.0%",
"positive": "2.0%",
"neutral": "13.0%",
"negative": "66.0%",
"very_negative": "19.0%"

If you don’t want to use kibana use curl instead.

If you want to hack into the code check out the github link.

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